R-507 Mid Side Unit

R-507 Mid Side Unit

The ARREL Audio R-507 MID-SIDE unit is characterized by an outstanding sound quality and a number of new functions that are not available on other MID-SIDE units on the market. At present the R-507 is the first MID-SIDE unit available for the 500 series. The unit has been designed to comply with the demands of professional recording and mastering engineers and also for live applications.

On top of its amazing sound quality, the R-507 MS unit features a unique set of functions. The mode switch permits the use of the MID/SIDE unit in three different operative modes: L/R --> MID/SIDE where the M/S coding function is used (broadcast applications), L/R --> L/R, in this case the coding and decoding function are used (typically mastering applications) and M/S --> L/R, in this case the decoding function is used (useful in recording apps).

The unit is equipped with a solo function. This function is of primary importance for checking the effects on the inserts and to check the original sound field when MID/SIDE recording is used. The ON led blink and changes its color to indicate the activation of the solo function.

The R-507 is equipped also with a flexible metering system (VU). The scale is extended to +9 VU in order to measure up to +13 dBu so we can check the level of the typical reference on the dBFS scale of the converter. The VU meter can be switched for level measurements of the input, the output or of the MID and SIDE channels.

The main functions on the SIDE channel are: Send gain to obtain the maximum Signal to Noise ratio in the insert audio path. This fact is important when compressors/limiters are used as inserts in the SIDE audio path, High frequency BAX (Baxandall) filter (1.2, 4, 15 KHz), with emphasis/de-enphasis control over 8dB of dynamic range, HPF filter with 30-400 Hz (12 dB/Oct) control knob, Solo pre or post on the Side channel. Selectable INSERT points (insert switch) are available to connect outboards on the front panel (Bantam connectors) in order to elaborate the MID and SIDE channels. Wet and dry signals from the SIDE and MID channel can be mixed together. A very important function of the R-507 is the TRIM push button that permits a fine adjustment of the stereo width. The ON push button is used to activate the unit (LED PERMANENTLY ON).

The R-507 Mid Side Unit module has been designed to be compliant with the 500-series standard. Two slots are used to install the R-507.

1360 Euro
  • Model: R-507 Mid Side Unit
  • Manufactured by: Arrel Audio