W2324 phase shifter

W2324 phase shifter

W2324 phase shifter functions

• Filter gain range of -5 dB to + 5 dB via 41-position stepped potentiometer
• Continuously adjustable phase angle between 10° and 125 °
• 3-position flip switch to extend phase angle from 190° to 305°
• Bypass position for quick and easy comparison with the uncorrected signal
• 11-position ELMA rotary switch to select frequency range from 23 Hz to 1.57 kHz
The W2324 phase shifter is a high-precision tool to solve phase problems in sound recording and playback applications. Comb filtering is a common and usually undesirable effect caused by differences in phase when combining multiple signals from one source, such as a microphone and a DI signal from an electric guitar or multiple microphones on a kick drum. The W2324 phase shifter is the ultimate tool to hone in and correct those phase problems with unheard-of accuracy and sound quality. Alternatively, experienced engineers will appreciate the creative sound design possibilities offered by the module.

Furthermore, the W2324 can be used in the subwoofer path of any playback system to optimize the low-frequency response and remedy room mode issues thanks to the continuously adjustable phase angle.

Within the selectable frequency range of 23 Hz to 1.57 kHz any frequency build-ups or cancellations due to the time delay between two sources or (when used in the playback path) due to problematic room acoustics can be addressed by shifting of the phase. Simply select the desired frequency range with the 11-position rotary switch and correct the level and phase. A 3-position flip switch further allows phase angle extension of 180° as well as providing a bypass position for a quick and easy comparison with the uncorrected signal.

As all Roger Schult products, the W2324 is hand-crafted and precision-engineered in Germany.

• Correct the phase between multiple microphone signals and avoid comb filtering,
e.g. when tracking kick drums or electric guitars
• Get full control to address phase problems when mixing a DI signal with a microphone signal,
e.g. for guitar or bass recordings
• Match and optimize the phase response of a subwoofer in a 2.1, 5.1 or x.1 monitoring system
• Remedy room mode issues and bass problems in your monitoring setup
• Create ultra-wide sounds and phase sweeps by deliberate phase manipulation of one side of stereo tracks
  • Model: W2324 phase shifter
  • Manufactured by: Roger Schult Audio