Pan Pot moves a mono signal left to right across the stereo sound stage on the mix buss. Pan law is -6dB. Signal is attenuated -3dB at center position (12 O’clock) from +3dB at full left (7 O’clock) or full right (5 O’clock). When summed to mono, signal will be the same level regardless of pan pot position.

Mute Switch activates an opto-attenuator circuit to silently cut/inject the input signal from/to the mix buss. Mute is engaged when the soft touch push-button switch is actuated. An integral LED will illuminate orange to indicate signal is cut. The activation of this circuit is free of pops, clicks or switching noise and is designed to be used “on the fly” during a mix.

The switch itself was selected for it’s specific “soft touch” which lends itself to two modes of operation: Mute switch can be lightly tapped for immediate activation, or fully depressed and held until activated upon release. The latter operating technique is useful for “counting out the bar” during a metered piece of music. Don’t be afraid to get creative and “play the mutes”.

Passive Stereo Mix Buss Each module contains one channel of a passive stereo summing buss which is expandable to 48 channels. Multiple Panner modules are combined by cross-patching using standard TRS cables (see below).

Passive Summing (it’s a mixer)

Panner is the only stand alone panning/summing module offered in the 500 format, allowing you to turn select racks into a mixer, one channel at a time.

Panner is designed to receive any variety of buss or line level signals, including the buss output of a Channel Amp (when assigned L). With it’s very high input impedance, Panner can also receive any active instrument not needing gain, like a synth.

Of paramount note, this very high input impedance allows the Panner to act as a fader buffer, meaning (with the appropriate cabling) any line level source can be fed to a fader, and the Panner module can receive that fader’s output allowing the option to use a bank of long throw faders with the Panners.

Panner Summing modules will allow you to Sum, Pan, Mute and control your level with a proper analog long throw fader. Perhaps slightly redefining getting out of the box in this format.

When used in conjunction with Channel Amps, a rack of Panners provides a true 4 buss mixing system.
  • Model: Panner
  • Manufactured by: Awesome Transistor Amplifier Com