Mana Modular

Mana Modular

Mixing Console

8 channel, field scale-able, analogue Desktop audio console utilizing 500 Series audio modules

High Quality Faders

100mm Penny & Giles high quality channel and a master faders

Direct outputs

8 Direct outputs can be sent to the DAW either directly from the 500 module or post the channel fader

Master Inserts

Additional two 500 modules can be used as Left and Right pre fade inserts

Channels Cascade

Channels can be cascaded singly or in stereo pairs. Adjacent Channels can be linked for Stereo Compressors.

Dual Mix Bus

The summing Inputs can be fed to the channel faders. In summing mode the channels can be assigned to the ‘Modern’ i.e current mix buss or the optional ‘Classic’ i.e. voltage mix buss.

Expandable System

Easily expandable to 32 channels, in units of 8
Channel Controls

Solo and cut in every channel

Headphone Mixes

The two pre fader aux busses feed Stereo or Mono Headphone outputs with Talkback
Comprehensive Monitoring

external monitor points, 2 set of speakers, Operator Headphones, Sum & Difference and Monitor Dim


10 LED Bar Graphs displaying Peak Mode for channels and Peak/VU for the Mix section
up to 16 Channel analogue summing
Use mana as a 16 channel line mixer
  • Model: Mana Modular
  • Manufactured by: Mana Modular