Distortastudio Cassette 4-Track Colour

Distortastudio Cassette 4-Track Colour


Do you ever pine for the cheap and dirty, but somehow musical and inspiring, sound of your old portable 4-track? The Distortastudio brings that sound to your Colour Palette without a big tape machine taking up space in your studio.

The Distortastudio's circuitry is directly inspired by the channel strip of a late-80's TASCAM machine. It even features the same opamps, obtained NOS (new old stock) and available in a limited quantity.

Just like your old 4-track, you can run the Distortastudio at low gain for subtle solid-state dirt or at high gain for trashy distortion and hiss.


Four stages of channel strip circuitry

Original, NOS pampas

Compatible with the Colour format

Black PCB

Full, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Model: Distortastudio Cassette 4-Track
  • Manufactured by: DIY