CTX Cinemag Transformer Colour Kit

CTX Cinemag Transformer Colour Kit


Audio transformers are key players in the sound of countless classic pieces of analog equipment. Often dubbed "the sound of iron," the complex, dynamic character of a good transformer is notoriously difficult to emulate. So why try when you can have the real thing? CTX brings the classic sound of iron to the Colour format in the best way possible: with a real Cinemag transformer.

CTX allows the custom-wound Cinemag transformer to work its inimitable magic on the signal. At moderate operating levels, the transformer's effect is vanishingly subtle, but can be perceived as making tracks sound more "finished" when stacked over numerous tracks. As levels increase the transformer's core begins to saturate, thickening the signal with low-frequency harmonics and natural compression.


Transformer wound by Cinemag in California

Steel core emphasizes the phase distortion and hysteresis effects associate with the "iron" sound

Compatible with the Colour 500-Series Palette

Red PCB!

Full, step-by-step assembly instructions and guaranteed support
  • Model: CTX Cinemag Transformer Colour K
  • Manufactured by: DIY