Variable Input Impedance Transformer Coupled Discrete Mic Pre, EQ and Program Dependent Compressor

Lightly Colored Sound That Perfectly Complements a Wide Range of Mic Types
Discrete Mic Pre-amplifier
Equalizer with Broad Frequency Response Shaping
Soft-Knee Variable Ratio Compressor with Program Dependent Attack/Release
Dedicated Compressor Sidechain Filter
Low Cut Filter, Continuously Variable Between 30 Hz and 400 Hz
User Selectable Input Impedance for Shaping Audio Tones
Transformer Coupled Input / Output
JFET Input/Class A Output 2-Stage Amp Design
Low Noise and High Headroom for Wide Dynamic Range
Extended Frequency Response with Ultra-Linear Phase Response
Excellent Pulse Response for Smooth Tones
Combined Input Attenuator / Gain Adjustment for Optimal Noise Performance and Dynamic Range (No Separate Input Pad)
Buffered Output for Optimum Load Isolation and Current Drive Capability
Variable Output Level Control Using Long Life Noiseless Level Control Pot
Overload Indicator Accurately Detects Distortion to Ultrasonic Frequencies
Highest Quality, Audiophile Grade Components

The MPA575 is Ingram Engineering's foray into the 500-series format. It features a lightly colored mic pre-amp, compressor, and a unique EQ with combined low and high frequency control that allows broad tone adjustments with a single control knob. Together, they form a mini channel strip that performs all essential analog signal processing functions needed before committing audio to a recording medium. The MPA575 is ideal to use as a standalone mic interface or in combination with full featured hardware or plug-in compressors and EQs for more surgical audio processing.

The MAP price with the Transformer option is $1150
  • Model: MPA575
  • Manufactured by: Ingram Engineering