VPR Eleven-Space Rack Bundle

VPR Eleven-Space Rack Bundle


The CAPI VPR Eleven-Space Rack Bundle is a complete kit solution for someone who wants to build a rock-solid yet affordable fully VPR compliant, 500 series rack. We have chosen to go with eleven module slots, which will then require an outboard PSU.

The 3RU enclosure once constructed, can house any and all modules that are 500 series compatible. If you would prefer the 18-pin 51x version, the complete bundle can be found here.

VPR vs 51x So what is the difference exactly? "VPR" is a standardization created by API to describe the physical and electronic requirements of their 500 series rack and module format. This format is based on a 15-pin card edge connector. Besides the standard balanced input and output connections, the DC voltages are bipolar 16V as well as 48V for phantom. This is the most common format with many modules available by multiple manufacturers. 51x modules will not physically fit in a 500 series VPR style rack due to their larger edge connector.

"51x" is a unique format based on the above VPR format with some additions. The additions are bipolar 24V rails. This format requires an 18-pin card edge connector. Most standard VPR modules will work just fine in a 51x rack as long as they are seated properly. Many folks have had a problem inserting a 15-pin module in an 18-pin card edge connector. It can be done but special care must be taken or you will short out the DC power rails. Some fully enclosed modules like a 550, 550A, 550B etc will not physically fit in an 18-pin rack as the rear of the enclosure will hit the longer card edge connector not allowing the module to fully seat. Removing or notching the back of the module's enclosure can remedy this. 51x is mainly a DIY format. There are some modules available but not to the same degree as the VPR format. Have a visit to groupdiy.com and do some searching to find them.

In conclusion, if you are using mostly "store bought" modules or building VPR modules, then a VPR rack is the way to go. I have had numerous folks build a Dual 51x PSU and then later change out the toroid for a Dual VPR version. If you are unsure what is right for you, please ask!!

So, how do our DIY kits compare to the cost of "store bought" racks? The benefits really add up when you build two of our Eleven Space kits!

Here's the breakdown:

(2) CAPI VPR Eleven Space Rack Kits and (1) VPR Floor Box PSU Bundle (Two DC Cables) comes to $999.89, which is equal to $45.45 per slot.

The 500VPR 10-slot rack is currently $845.75, which is equal to $84.58 per slot. In comparison, DIY is 46.26% less expensive!

The Powerhouse 10-slot rack is currently $899.99, which is equal to $90.00 per slot. In comparison, DIY is 49.5% less expensive!

The Sweet Ten 10-slot rack is currently $800.00, which is equal to $80.00 per slot. In comparison, DIY is 43.19% less expensive!

This VPR version includes all 15-pin card edge connectors as well as a PC mount 5-pin Neutrik connector for the DC power inlet. No other parts, components, pieces or hardware are required to finish the rack portion of the build.

Floor Box PSU bundles for VPR and 51x rack kits can be found here. Remember, our Floor Box PSU's can actually supply DC to two of our Eleven-Space rack kits. That is when the savings really kicks in!

Here are required items that we do not carry at the store:
Solder, soldering iron and basic small hand tools
Good assembly skills
A decent understanding of schematics and electronic components
  • Model: CAPI VPR Eleven-Space Rack Bundl
  • Manufactured by: CAPI