Turn any ADAT-equiped interface into an analogue powerhouse!

Integrated ADAT I/O, Fully-Discrete Analogue Summing Bus And Latency-Free Monitor Mixing.

The Cranborne 500ADAT is the best way to expand your ADAT equipped audio interface and enjoy the sonic possibilities of the 500 series format. The 500ADAT integrates an 8 slot 500 series chassis with ADAT I/O to enable 8 channel expansion of a Cranborne equipped studio, or any audio interface featuring ADAT.

The 500ADAT utilises your favourite 500 series preamps as your very own customisable analogue front-end directly into your ADAT interface for recording. The 500ADAT also allows playing ADAT sources back through your modules and then recorded back into your DAW. Uncompromising 127/121dB signal-to-noise ratio A/D converters and ultra-low jitter internal clocking insures that every subtle analogue nuance of your preamp, microphone and performance is captured with the utmost attention to detail and lowest possible noise.

The 500ADAT also features 2 Headphone outputs with independant Aux 1 and 2 blend controls for zero-latency, all-analogue monitoring of your local 500 series modules. There’s also a CAST AUX port that allows you to chain mix busses with other CAST enabled devices for monitor bus integration when paired with the Cranborne 500R8. 4 further CAST ports enables future expansion with other CAST enabled products via a single Cat 5 cable.

8-slot, high-power 500 series rack
16 Channel ADAT Interface
19” Rack-mountable
High-quality, 127/121dB signal-to-noise ratio A/D converters
Ultra-low jitter internal clocking
ADAT or Wordclock external syncing options
Module source switching options to send analogue, ADAT or external CAST signals through your favourite 500 series modules
0 Latency all-analogue monitoring facility
2 headphone outputs with individual blend controls
Fully-discrete, custom analogue summing bus for high-headroom analogue summing with dedicated output
4 Cranborne CASTTM RRTT ports for future expansion
1 Cranborne CASTTM AUX port for chaining monitoring and summing busses
BNC Wordclock In/Out
Locking External Power Supply
Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the UK
  • Model: 500 ADAT
  • Manufactured by: Cranborne Audio