*The ION 8 base rack does not include any 500 series slots. Each ION M2 adapter you purchase adds 2 slots to your ION 8.

The ION 8 is a unique and flexible 500 series rack designed for professional and project recording studios. By adding ION M2 adapters, you can expand your rack two slots at a time, at the pace you choose.

This unique design allows your rack to grow alongside your gear. You can rest easy knowing that when you need to add 500 series modules to your studio, you will be able to do so quickly and efficiently.

The ION 8's build quality is second to none; it is designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in California, USA. Our goal was to build the highest quality rack, as a compliment to the investment you've made on your 500 series gear.

• 2 to 8 500 series slots (Up to four ION M2s)

• 2.4A of total power, 300mA per slot

• Channel link allows you to create your own custom channel strips

• Stereo link connects pin 6 of compatible 500 series modules (such as the API 527) for master/slave operation

• XLR & DB-25 Inputs & Outputs

• Heavy duty steel chassis

• Internal 100-240VAC power supply with zero noise components

• Made in the USA, Hand built in Long Beach, CA
  • Model: ION 8
  • Manufactured by: Vermilion Audio