Audiolux 3X500 Lunchbox

Audiolux 3X500 Lunchbox


ProItems Audiolux 3X500 Lunchbox – Unloaded

We are a team of musicians, sound-engineers and studio gear designers who decided to make an ultimate compact 500 Series Lunchbox. We had 3 main criteria in mind:

Maximum functionality and convenience in-use
Build quality, nice design and high-grade parts at affordable and fare price
Reliability, heavy duty construction and ample power supply for any modules
We tried to implement some innovations and requirements inspired by our personal work at home studio, stage and big sound studios in Moscow.

There are a lot of 2, 10 and 11 slot racks for 500 series modules on the market. But not so many 3 slot racks to house a true classic channel strip – mic preamp, equalizer and compressor. Though any combination is possible with the 3X500 as it has 3 separate channels.

Cascading capability between modules is also a great feature! You can send the signal to the first channel then pass it to the second and then to the third! Then you can take the signal from any of the channels/modules.

- For Pros the 3X500 Lunchbox provides portability e.g. for stage or off-site sessions

- For home studio owners it is the best choice to save money and homespace

- 3 x 500 modules are cheaper than 2-3 separate 1U-2U rack devices

- You can buy 1 module to start with and then buy 2nd and 3rd

- Usually 3 modules are enough for small home studios

So, we hope you will appreciate our 3X500 Lunchbox and it will make your life and work easier and more pleasant!

Main Features

- 3 Slots for classic channel strip – mic preamp, equalizer and compressor thou any combination possible

- Full compatibility with VPR-approved 500 Series modules even with the most power hungry ones

- Cascading capability between 3 channels

- Under the hood is the powerful linear toroidal transformer with high degree filtering opposed to cheap pulsed power supply used in most other racks

- No more power consumption concerns. Power load capacity is 515мА per module that is 2 times in excess of the required standard.

Compact Size

- Saves studio, stage or home workspace

- Can be used closer to the performer, e.g. in the vocal cabin or on stage which is better for the sound. Long cables are bad for the sound and after a good preamp you can send signal to long distances

- Can be easily placed on a table at home studio

- The rubber feet on two sides allow either horizontal or vertical positions. It is very useful as 500 modules can be horizontal or vertical


- For convenient carrying the chassis is equipped with a soft carrying handle. It is not balky when not in use and can be removed if required

- Fits in a bag or backpack

- Made from aluminum and no so heavy as steel ones

- Now you can take your favorite 500 modules on a tour, to a recording session, to your friend’s studio, and have “your sound” with you when required


- Carrying soft handle for portability

- Rubber feet on two sides providing options for location - horizontal/ vertical

- Power rail LED indication

- Cascading capability between modules

- Separate/Link Switch for stereo compression mode

- Quality Neutrik Gold XLR connectors

- Combined XLR/TRS connectors both for Input and Output

- Chassis is made on Russian military factory

- Authentic military green color the same is used in Russian tanks and armored vehicles

- Hand-wired and carefully assembled and tested in Russia

- 110/ 220 Volts Switchable

- Free 2-year warranty
  • Model: Audiolux 3X500 Lunchbox
  • Manufactured by: Pro Items