501: Single 500 Series Host

501: Single 500 Series Host

The 501 is a single slot, 500 series compatible case and power supply.
It instantly turns any 500 module into a standalone unit.
It can host any API* 500 compatible module.


Delivers +16V and -16V rails and 48V phantom,
Gold plated Neutrik connectors,
Auxiliary jack socket can be connected to any I/O signal such as compressors stereo link,
Several 501's can be stacked to create a custom lunchbox,
Very low noise power supply,
Works from any 12 Volts DC power source, including battery,
Double DC plug allows daisy chaining several 501,
Available assembled or as a full kit (everything included),


The 501 can be used vertically or horizontally. It is built to last, made of two vented pieces of 1mm black powder coated steel. All the threads are done with inserts.
Several 501's can be attached together creating a custom lunchbox.
The internal power supply is low noise, low radiation. It is made of a very high frequency, shielded PSU module followed by linear regulators for low noise and low ripple. The nominal input voltage is 12 Volts DC but it will work from 6 to 20 Volts. The 501 is delivered with a 12V power adapter.
The auxiliary stereo jack socket may be used in many ways. The tip and the ring can be individually connected to any of the 9 audio signals available on the 500 series EDAC connector. It is also possible to link 2 pins, breaking the link when a jack plug is inserted. It can be used as input, output, insert, side chain, stereo link, etc...
  • Model: 501: Single 500 Series Host
  • Manufactured by: Sound Skulptor